MADA003 (CD & LP), release date 29 May 2006

From the opening note, a near silent tap on a ride cymbal, through the electric meditation of The Pulse of Parc Ex, Triple Burner's debut is broad survey of the palette of sounds Harris and Bruce have been exploring since 2002. Motorik drums and incessant guitar whip and whirl up, over, and through one another in a manner refined by years of collaboration and performance. Not quite sure what to call it, but we're pretty sure it's not folk music.

Track listing:
1. Kelvin Says
2. The Wherewithal
3. Roundabout
4. Bride of Bad Attitude
5. Wall Socket Protector
6. The Pulse of Parc Ex
7. Regresso




VPRO Zeldzaam Dwars live session, February 2006

No Love For Ned, March 2005

BSR, April 2005

WFMU Triple Burner, December 2003

mp3 & downloadable sounds

Butcher's Block / Stopgap Measure
recorded live at WMBR, April 2 2005

Lords & Ladies
from Accidents with Nature and Each Other

Triple Burner live on WFMU recorded December 4th 2003

Brainwashed Eye interview and performance clips