SAAH018, released October 2003

Recorded as a personal experiment in the Winter of 2002-2003, Non-Sequiturs began as a simple sketchpad and eventually came to be released in something very close to its original, embryonic form. The title comes from this project's inconguity with everything else in my life, a 'back to basics' epiphany if you will. Bruce Cawdron appears on four track, three of which were improvisations. Sometimes A Bad Attitude was originally recorded for this album with percussion, but an 11th hour crisis of faith caused it to be redone as a solo piece. Forest for the Trees remains my personal favourite recording to date.

Track listing:
1. Around About Thirty-Six
2. Bitten
3. The Bullheaded Stranger
4. Sometimes a Bad Attitude Is All It Takes
5. Feral Blues
6. The Pyramids
7. Trick Question
8. God is in the Details
9. I Fought the Lottery
10. Forest for the Trees
11. Throwing the Goat




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Butcher's Block / Stopgap Measure
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