KD011, release date 01 June 2006

Recorded live on a rainy eve, late in the endless night that is the Swedish winter. A little melodramatic maybe, but given the twelve-hour travel day and the punishing cold and laryngitis it brought with it, it certainly felt like I was edging close to the ends of the earth. A live performance with no amplification, something I'd only done a couple times before, beautifully captured by engineer Rune Johansson. Features selections from all albums, plus new and previously unrecorded material.

Track listing:
1. Anamnesis
2. Decorated
3. The Malarial Two-Step
4. The Butcher's Block
5. Stopgap Measure
6. Out of Sorts
7. Museum Dweller
8. The Wherewithal
9. A Thousand Stolen Blankets to Keep You Warm at Night
10. Cloud City
11. Sometimes A Bad Attitude Is All It Takes




VPRO Zeldzaam Dwars live session, February 2006

No Love For Ned, March 2005

BSR, April 2005

WFMU Triple Burner, December 2003

mp3 & downloadable sounds

Butcher's Block / Stopgap Measure
recorded live at WMBR, April 2 2005

Lords & Ladies
from Accidents with Nature and Each Other

Triple Burner live on WFMU recorded December 4th 2003

Brainwashed Eye interview and performance clips